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General Aviation’s First and Only Power-by-the-Hour Program for Piston Aircraft

Welcome to PistonPower™ — general aviation’s first and only Unscheduled and Power-by-the-Hour programs for piston aircraft. Designed by aviation pros who’ve designed and built similar programs for turbine engines, PistonPower™ brings stability to your maintenance budget and peace of mind to your business and personal flying.  Click here to meet our team and learn how PistonPower™ can minimize the risk of costly unplanned repairs and protect you from catastrophic downtime.

No Risk. No Surprises.
Stabilize Your Maintenance Budget!

PistonPower™ Provides:

  • Protection from unforeseen and often costly maintenance expenses
  • Predictability of having a fixed budget for annual maintenance
  • Reassurance of having technical aviation specialists’ available days and evenings to troubleshoot problems
  • Confidence that PistonPower™ coverage increases your aircraft residual value — and is fully transferable when you sell your plane

Diamond Aircraft

Mooney Aircraft

Tecnam Aircraft

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