CAT – EASA-AOC Operations
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CAT – EASA-AOC Operations

You are an (pilot) aircraft owner or operator. And you are looking for any revenue out of ownership? Our EASA-AOC is especially designed for accepting smaller aircraft.

  • Twin piston
  • Turboprop Aircraft – Single and Multi
  • Jet Aircraft in all categories.

The only legal way to earn revenue out of commercial operations is putting your aircraft on a Commercial EASA-AOC. For this you have several options to accomplish.

  • Build your own AOC (this is costly and time consuming)
  • Look for an Management company who will take your aircraft on there AOC and they offer your aircraft in the charter market. This last option will come in varieties where as you are tight to crewing, and protocols within the company.
  • Our you choose our option where we offer just the EASA-AOC facility but give you as owner all freedom which you like to do yourself or where you choose to opt for additional services. The EASA-AOC which we offer is especially interesting for aircraft operators/private pilot owners who are looking to perform there own sales or just wish basic services and use and fly there aircraft also privately.

What are the advantages for an AOC above NCC ? With an NCC your not allowed to make revenue by flying paying passengers, while your almost comply to the same set of EASA rules as for an CAT-EASA-AOC operation and with your aircraft on the EASA-AOC you can claim your TAX excise refund, which saves you money on fuel purchase costs.

We work with standard pricing for each aircraft category, and where you can add services to it, like dispatch flight planning, Fuel purchase, crewing and more. We can say in advance that we are very competitive in pricing and above that we have a very speedy workflow of which results in your aircraft alive on our AOC in just 2 months from piston prop to the smallest jets to the big business aviation jets.

Currently we have the following Aircraft in management or on our EASA-AOC:

  • 4x Diamond DA62
  • 1x Piaggio Avanti P180
  • 1x Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander
  • 1x Nextant 400XTi
  • 1x Citation Mustang
  • 1x Robinson R44 helicopter
  • 1x Airbus EC135 p3 helicopter
  • 1x Learjet 60XR
  • 1x Phenom 300
  • Potential aircraft;
    • Cirrus SF50
    • King-Air c90
    • Pilatus PC12
    • TBM Aircraft
    • Piper turbine aircraft
    • Citation Jets

We offer also an perfect solution for aircraft (private-/business-jet) operators out of the U.K. Which are looking for an Brexit solution – temporarily or permanently with the advantage to keep their own identity.

For Single Engine EASA-AOC – CAT operations you also don’t have to look further. The aircraft which fit perfect on our AOC are;

  • Cirrus Vision jet SF50 (with EASA call-sign)
  • Pilatus PC12
  • Daher-Socata TBM Aircraft (TBM700 / TBM850 / TBM900 series)
  • Piper aircraft (M500 / M600 / M600-SLS)

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