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The advantages of a business aircraft are immense !

With a business aircraft you counteract a lot of useless travel time. Three appointments in a day, perfectly combined, adjusted to any changes of the moment, without mandatory overnights is not an uncommon fact !

Do you want to use a business jet aircraft to travel flexible and save time while traveling in comfort or do you want to transport a special cargo? No problem, you can opt for both passenger and freight. The possibilities are endless, something we like to tell you more about. We know exactly what is possible and what is within the EASA-AOC aviation rules. We can advice you about using our aircraft and/or make use of our WDAS jet-card program.

With the WDAS jet-card program you purchase an amount of hours in advance at standard reduced rates. With the additional benefit that you pay for real flight-time used. After every flight you will get an update how many hours have been used and how many hours remain to use on your WDAS jet-card for your aircraft: The Eclipse jet 550.

WDAS jet-card option:

WDAS jet-card 25k  € 25.000,- valid till 01-01-2019

  • 10 hours on the Eclipse jet 550


WDAS travel-style

We’re not like the airlines. Our service is designed around the concept of simplicity. Rather than requiring you to match your schedule to a pre-defined airline flight, Winged-Dutchman lets you reserve a business aircraft to fly on whatever schedule you’d like.

Business travelers can use a business aircraft to various and functional reasons.

Save time, participate well prepared that important meeting, or prepare the next appointment in peace while you are on the go. And all surrounded by a excellent service, but above all a very enjoyable and comfortable trip.

Our Aircraft can be used for:

  • Business flights
  • Technical people how need to be quick on location to solve problems.
  • Private/leisure flights
  • Special fast delivery cargo flights
  • Medical flights
  • Photo shoots and Video film productions
  • Aerial Survey’s
  • Sightseeing flights

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Business travel 3.0.
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