Private Jet Owner
Winged – Dutchman

Always dreamed to be a aircraft Owner?

“private/business jet or propellor”

Well stop dreaming!

Always dreamed as entrepreneur, company CEO, investor or as businessman road warrior you would fly your own private business jet to do business and go to meetings or use it for holidays with family and friends?

Well stop dreaming! You can own and use your private business jet or propeller for less the costs of owning a car. An Business jet has some unique characteristics in performance because it is an overall time machine.

Is it expensive to own a private business jet? Well yes it really can cost you money., But if you fly your jet aircraft for 4 hours a month and you make your aircraft available for charter by renting out your aircraft for 30 hours a month than in reality you make money by owning your own private business jet or propellor aircraft. This calculation is not true for all private business jets for sale on the market and with that there are many variables which you have to take into account.

Is it complex owning your private business jet to comply with all aviation rules, take care of pilots, hangar  and so on? Yes, but not for you as owner, because we take care of those aspects so you can focus on your core business.

We can tell you everything about owning an business jet and getting revenue out of ownership.